Troll Classics

Troll Classics provides services for classical artists around the world aiming at the best of perfection, service and performance. We record, market and promote your music utilizing internet and social media.

Troll Studio

Troll Classics utilizes the Pentagon shaped room at the Art Exhibition Centre at Rekstensamlingene, Bergen, Norway for its recordings. The room is known for its rich and balanced acoustics - the finest environment for making a good sounding classical recording. We aim to provide top quality results at an affordable price. We work with a wide range of clients across musical genres ranging from classical and jazz to world music.

Troll Management - Marketing and promotion

Troll Management utilizes social media for online marketing. For classical artists, band and musicians we help to build websites that are integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and others. We build your online store to sell your music and we publish your music to approx 40 stores (iTunes, Amazon, etc) around the world.

Duo Arctica - Latest Release

Joachim Carr and Mathias Halvorsen debutes as a piano duo making an extraordinary recording at Troll Classics.

"Its like their bouncing off each others, in a very musical way, and the microphone techniques used for this album recording makes a clear defined and transparent sound" says Jiri Hlinka. Read more here.

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